Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Resident Evil User Interface Strikes Again

School is out so my sister and I have a lot more free time. What do we want to do the weekend after finals? Apparently the answer is play video games.

When she came over we looked through my collection and pulled out one that hadn’t been touched in a while. I remembered Resident Evil 5 fondly so we popped it in the Xbox to discover the fun that laid in wait.

Our discovery however was more frustrating then fun because the control interface made it very difficult to convince the players to do what we needed them to do for our survival. After about 30 frustrating minutes during which we saw ourselves being hacked to pieces multiple times, we decided to lower the difficulty setting to normal thinking that we just need to remember how to use the controls.

“Ok,” we tell ourselves “now its time to kill us some bad guys.” Nope. The big ax guy from chapter one strikes again. Now the frustration is building and we just can’t seem to convince our characters to do what we want them to. We get hacked into tiny pieces again and the game mocks us by flashing “you are dead” written in blood on the screen as if watching someone hack us into tiny pieces wasn’t a good clue.

I’m sitting here thinking to my self that I know I made it through this whole game like a year ago. What is the deal?

Well after about two hours of failure we’d had enough and my sister through in the controller wanting to play a different game which I happily obliged knowing that I was saving my controller from certain death as one of us was sure to chunk one across the room if we had to watch our demise one more time.

We then went on a search for a new adventure that didn’t have a backwards user interface and all was well with the world once again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fighting Hunger

It's the Christmas season and I'm sure that you've seen places collecting toys and canned goods for families in need. Even the place that I was getting my oil changed at was collecting toys. I'm sure that its not news to anyone that times have been hard lately, it's been all over the news.

My Aunt is a teacher in a school were poverty is so pervasive that EVERY student gets free breakfast and lunch. The school pays for every student to have a toothbrush and the teachers make sure that the students brush their teeth after both meals that they eat at school.

Walmart is donating money to the communities that get the most support to use for food for families that cannot afford it. Visit their site to vote for your community or one that you know is in need.

While I'm sure that this is a great tax write off for Walmart, hopefully it will help some kids that may only get to eat the food that they get from school.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To a Lost Friend

I remember the days
When we were younger
Life was good
And we had so much fun.

But as the days passed by
We met new people.
That had new ideas
And new faces.

We saw each other
Every once in a while
Life pulled us different ways
yet still we smiled.

But then I realized
That you were gone
You went through the motions
But no spirit was there.

Ashamed of your deeds
You hid from your friends
The ones who loved you
Even with sin on your hands

We could not condone
How you’d chosen to live
But that doesn’t mean
That we couldn’t forgive

Some claimed rebellion
Some blamed a boy
But I knew deep down
You were lost in your self

I hope someday that
You can see
The value in you
That was never lost on me

As the days go by
I think of you often
And hope life treats you well
In spite of yourself

I’ve always known
You have such potential
That you can succeed
If you truly desire

You’ll be a good mom
But don’t stress so much
Keep your head on straight
Don’t do drugs and such

We all wish you well
And we hope you’re alright
My two cents of advice
Is never tell yourself a lie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Like a Hot Sword

We're Intermediate
You and I.
Its been so long
It could be a lie.

Life's no fun
Without your antics.
So why do I find you
so pedantic.

I see you face
You make me smile.
Yet at every step
We must walk miles

You say I fight you
But I think not
Yet I must live with
What we’ve wrought

Monday, December 6, 2010

If only I could really fly

Yea, that's right I'm sitting in the pilot's seat of a helicopter. Unfortunately I have no idea what all those buttons and knobs do and if you want to continue living you best not fly with me....Yet! : )

I've always known that flying was tough and that it took a lot of practice. However, I was unprepared for the shear number of pedals, buttons, knobs, and other gizmos that are necessary to get this glorious heap of metal off the ground.

Can you imagine what it takes to be able to fly something like this? On TV we see action stars jump into the pilot seat and take off not necessarily knowing what they are doing or learning how to fly as they go along. But I can attest to the fact that if I were trying to fly this thing without any training it would be a disaster. I might be able to figure out how to start the engine, but after that it would pretty much be like trying to fly a spaceship and would most likely end in a fiery death.

But no worries I didn't do anything crazy. It was just a Christmas party and the pilot let me take a picture in his seat.

Good Times! : )

Friday, December 3, 2010

Amazon spanks the competition with a Kindle

Most people know that I love technology so it should come as no surprise that I have begun to see the light when it comes to eReaders. Mostly it's the notion that I can take almost every book I'm reading with me where ever I go whether it's school, the DMV (Lord knows you should always take a book to the DMV), or down to the farm. It all boils down to convenience; no longer do you need to pack a bag full of books for a long trip because you have them all on one handy little device.

Lately I've been scrutinizing and researching trying to determine which eReader is best and I have finally come to a decision. Amazon's Kindle is far better then the eReaders offered by Barnes & Noble or Borders. The reasons why are:

1) As much as I love Borders and their coupons. Their eBook store has very little selection and offers very few items for free or at discounted rates. Sorry Borders you’re just not in the competition yet.

2) The Barnes & Noble Nook has a touch screen panel which sounds cool, but it’s just a small panel and frankly I’d rather have the more functional keyboard of the kindle then the novelty of the touch screen.

3) Amazon has put together a HUGE amount of eBooks that are out of copyright that you can download for free. However, the free for a limited time selection at Barnes & Nobles seemed more interesting then the current limited time freebies at Amazon.

4) One of the major reasons that I have been weary of paying money for a book in electronic format is because my sister and I trade books and I like to share with others. With the Nook you can already lend a book to a person for 14 days and Amazon will soon be adding that as a feature on the Kindle as well.

5) The Kindle is much thinner and lighter then the Nook. It also looks much more attractive.

6) The Kindle has a new feature that allows you to plug in headphones and listen to some books instead of reading them. That’s perfect after a long day of work when you’re tired and just want to travel to a different place.

7) Both come preloaded with a dictionary but the Kindle allows you to access Wikipedia from the device when you are connected to Wi-Fi (unless you purchase the unit that comes free 3G service).

Also I think that is pretty cool that you can have an app on all of your devices (PC, phone, etc) that stay in sync so that you can switch devices and keep up with your notes and bookmarks.

All considered, Borders was never in the fight at all and Barnes & Noble’s put up a good fight but ultimately Amazon’s Kindle is the eReader that has given me a case of the “I wants.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fable III, need I say more!

Last week the video game Fable III was finally released. Lets just say it is awesome and I was addicted to it this weekend. Seriously I played my little heart out every moment I was home and awake. I haven't had that much fun playing a video game since the Nazi Zombies of Call of Duty. Not only was it fun, it was educational.

Things you can learn from Fable III:

1) If you don't want a STD use a condom
2) Your actions can change you
3) To much fatty food will make you fat
4) Trespassing is a crime
5) It's really hard to save everyone and still be nice

Friday, October 29, 2010

More Evidence that Stupid People walk the Earth

As many of you know when you work a retail job you see some crazy things. Yesterday I do believe we had a true demonstration of stupidity.

A man comes in and is looking around. He asks where the bathroom is and we tell him. Nothing interesting there, you never know where you'll be when nature calls. He wanders around the store "browsing." Before he walks out the door he looks at the TV display where we are selling these really cute portable Televisions and looks to the cashier and says I'll be back for the TV and walks out the door.

He just successfully stole over $90 worth of merchandise. But that's not the crazy part.

About 15 minutes later the manager gets a call from a customer saying that she thought that the guy was stealing stuff from the store so he reviews the tapes and sure enough there was video footage of this guy cramming stuff in his pockets.

Here's the good part....

Less then a hour later the guy comes back, just like he said he would, and his first order of business is to try to return all the items he just stole for store credit.


He just went out to his car and took off all the magnetic strips and came back inside. If he hadn't come back we'd probably never have caught him. If you want a mini-TV that bad then get a job or just steal the stupid TV.

The story ends with the guy in the back of a police car. Justice has been served.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My xbox made me do it!

My favorite type of video games are the shooter games. They are just so much fun. My enjoyment doesn't come from pent up rage or aggression, I find them fun because they are challenging and entertaining. I find it humorous that people are trying to blame school shootings on the video game industry. If you don't want your kid to play violent video games, then you should refer to the rating system posted to every video game sold in America.

It's pretty easy to just look at the rating on the case or go online and do a little research on the games your kid is asking for. They have tried to make it easy. But it all comes back to personal responsibility. Everyone wants a reason to explain away their behavior instead of taking it upon themselves to exhibit some self control and ownership of their mistakes.

I can remember the first video game I ever had. It was Mario on the original Nintendo. Well it was actually my Dad's game, but while he was at work during the summers it was the fun thing to do. My sister and I play that game and the duck shooting game for hours until we were sent outside. Aww, those were the days........

Friday, October 15, 2010

I've only got three things to say to you today!!

1) I am super excited about our trip down south for the weekend!

OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system.

2) One of the things I enjoy is looking at and (when I have money) buying funny/cool t-shirts. So I figured that as I peruse the Internet in search of awesome shirts I'd post some of them here so that you don't have to go hunting for hours clicking through trying to find something that is in the least bit worth while. In that spirit I will post a picture and link to an awesome shirt for you're enjoyment.

My current favorite on the list is the one I found on Amazon of R2D2 running away from a giant Star Wars Camel

3) Again I was perusing the Internet when I found this blog post and felt the need to share. It's basically some pictures of some FAIL cakes in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Now I realize that breast cancer is serious, but you just can't help but want to V8 slap whoever made these.

Here's the link:

You should go look, its pretty funny! : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its been awhile

Where have I been? Well life has been positively crazy! I don’t think I even live at my house any more, I just sleep there. I miss my XBOX and my Netflix!!! I’ve been going non-stop for the past three weeks, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend I have TWO whole days in a row off. I am beyond excited because I don’t remember the last time I had two days off in a row. There is going to be some serious fun times this weekend. (And of course the occasionally break from good times to study, believe me I have not forgot about school).

I plan on heading down to Canyon Lake this weekend. I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get there, but I am getting out of the metroplex and trading in my current set of crazy people for a whole new set for the weekend. (Lord knows we’re all crazy and you can’t escape that).

For those of you wondering what a metroplex is:

A metroplex is a large metropolitan area containing several cities and their suburbs. It is also sometimes used as an alternative to metropolis or megalopolis, which is a chain of continuous metropolitan areas. The term was coined for, and is still commonly used to describe, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – Wikipedia

Basically what that means is that somewhere along the way some crazy person from Dallas/Fort Worth made up that word and it stuck and is now an acceptable word. So as you can see because we just make up new words from old ones so that we can be “unique” there inherently are crazy people all around me (and I might possibly be one).

But to get back to the point, I’m sorry for my absence for which I can give you any number of excuses as justification such as: I’ve been to busy with work and school or that I’m sick. All of these are true, but honestly the real reason is that I just haven’t made time till now to sit down and actually write anything.

But I shall leave you with one of my currently favorite songs and music videos. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Choose to Not Be Stupid

Have you ever seen the t-shirt that says “there are no stupid questions, only stupid people?” What it should say is “stupid people ask stupid questions." I came to this realization on a cold and blistery Tuesday. Strike that this is Texas and it is 100 degrees outside and the industrial size air conditioning at the school just can’t keep up.

In my genetics class the professor frequently stops class to answer questions of students who have raised their hands. Now, normally this would be a good thing because we all want to learn. That’s why we are spending thousands of dollars on our education, not simply to use up the air conditioning. However in many instances I find myself more than just a little frustrated with people who come to classes and then just sit there playing on facebook or disrupting class.

Last class one of said students who constantly asks the dumbest of questions raises his hand and I just put my pencil down because I know that nothing not worthy is about to be said. The question can barely get out of the students mouth before half the class (the half paying attention) will shoot said student a WTF look. I mean seriously dude where have you been? Were you dreaming off in your own personal fantasy and just decided you wanted to join the rest of us? Our professor is nice looking but not so provocative that you can’t pay attention for an hour and a half. Have your day dream fantasies on your own time because she answered your question five minutes ago. I’m sitting through class because I want to hear what she has to say otherwise I’d just read the book and show up for the test.

Another thing that really frustrates me about being on campus is that students age 18 to 54 will just jump out in front of cars as if the laws of physics don’t apply and more. There is a protected crosswalk about 50 to 100 feet from you are you that lazy that you can’t walk that far in order to help ensure your safety? I’m pretty sure that your high school, possibly even junior high teacher taught you Newton’s three laws, they are a science staple.

Law #1: Objects in motion will stay in motion and objects in rest will stay in rest unless acted upon my an external force.
Hmmm….. a moving car wants to continue moving and will an external force (the brakes) to stop its movement

Law #2: F=ma (Force equals mass times acceleration)
Do I really need to do the math for you to figure out that a car will exert way more force on you then you will on it? This will ensure injury to you but not necessarily to the car.

Law #3: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Simply put if a one ton car going 35 mph hits you (150 lb person) going 3 mph then you are going to go flying.

In the scenario person versus car, car will win so don’t tempt fate. Just use your brain. This kind of stupidity is a choice. Choose to not be stupid!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Even when trying to waste time I find something interesting to do

The other day I needed to kill some time in a city that I'm pretty unfamiliar with and in which there seemed to be nothing to do. Naturally I decide to stop at a familiar place (CVS - luckily they are everywhere) to look around and just waste away my precious minutes. I like looking at the seasonal sections because they are different at every store so I head in that direction only to discover the stock being rearranged and thus in buggies and on the floor instead of the shelves. Looking at the mess and the people trying work, I just decide to leave them alone and go find something else interesting to look at. As I wander to the back I discover a discount book section. Deciding that this would be a far more enjoyable way to pass the time I take a look. One particular book catches my attention a book by Amy Tan called Saving Fish From Drowning. I've read Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club for school and I remembered it fondly so I opened it up to take a peak and I was hooked, I made a $5.99 commitment that I don't regret.

One of my favorite excerpts so far comes from the very beginning before the story even starts. It is profound yet humorous and also rather sad.
A pious man explained to his followers: “It is evil to take lives and noble to save them. Each day I pledge to save a hundred lives. I drop my net in the lake and scoop out a hundred fishes. I place the fishes on the bank, where they flop and twirl. ‘Don’t be scared,’ I tell those fishes. ‘I am saving you from drowning.’ Soon enough, the fishes grow calm and lie still. Yet, sad to say, I am always too late. The fishes expire. And because it is evil to waste anything, I take those dead fishes to market and I sell them for a good price. With the money I receive, I buy more nets so I can save more fishes.”

I love this because it can apply to almost anything. Hitler, the economy, the crusades and pretty much anything else that people are trying to mend or change all come to mind when I read these few sentences. History is riddled with "good intentions" that didn't turn out so good for someone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Cake was YUMMEY

So Yesterday was my birthday. Here's the cake! It was INSANELY yummey!

Yea! Thats how you do 23 on a small cake!

It was the same old birthday fun. We went out to eat, ate cake, etc etc. Then my sister and I played on skype while the boys watched the football game.

Aren't we Cute?!
Oooh!... Ahhh!
Perhaps the webcam should be taken away..... But it was fun. : )

Also somehow lots of extened family members got my cell phone number and either called or texted. Thanks guys! I saved your numbers so now we don't have to talk through the "grown ups."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its raining it pouring..... DAMIT!!

So this was me today.....

I got dropped off at work today after panicking that I was going to be late only to discover that I in fact did not have to work today. Normally I would be glad, but not today. My dependence on technology is probably the most to blame for what happened.

So I walk in to work and go to clock in, but the time clock says that I'm not scheduled. Now I was pretty sure that I worked today, so I go to investigate. Long story short, the schedule was changed and I see my time whited out for today (I get to work Saturday instead, woo hoo). As I look at this piece of paper that determines when I belong here, I start to get excited. Hooray I have an afternoon off! I grab my phone to call my ride to come back. but no matter how many buttons I push it does nothing. Its just a big black screen. I walk outside and my heart sinks. Its raining! And not just raining, its raining those big Texas sized raindrops. So because I always have my phone with me and i almost always have it charged I never worry about memorizing phone numbers, there is no need. Well, unless I spent about an hour playing games on my phone between classes and ran the already low battery down.

So I'm stuck, I have no way to call someone to come get me because the only numbers I have memorized are my own and my parents but I think they're at work so no help there. So I wrap my phone and wallet up and start walking ... In the rain.

I made it to my folks house (which is closer then my house), but by the time I got there I was soaking wet. Fortunately of all the people that drove by me only a tow truck driver thought it would be fun to splash me, so I only got covered with street gunk once, well twice if you count the car he was towing.

Now I sit here on the computer, mostly dry, and having told whoever reads this about my awful experience I feel just that much better.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson was a pretty good book, though I had pretty high expectations after all the hype it recieved which it didn't exactly live up to. To quote Sheldon Cooper "once a mind is pre-blown, it cannot be re-blown!" Which I suppose was the case here. Larrson seemed to be a very good writer who wrote what I believe everyone will agree was a very provacative story. It is definately one worth reading and explores aspects of human nature and society that isn't usually touched upon. I suppose I'm more into the classics and science (fiction and non fiction) then possible murder mystery/thriller.

All in all, its was a pretty good book with alot of plot development and good writing. Just don't go into it with your mind preblown and you'll most likely enjoy the hell out it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why don't you see?

My heart has stopped.
It will beat no more.
The blood that once flowed
now sits cold.

I've changed since I've met you.
I've lived since I've met you.
If living must kill me
then I'm not sure whats the point.

Your compassionate touch brings me ecstasy.
Your scolding glare rips me apart.
I've hurt you too,
but I just can't stop.

I am lost in your love,
but I drown in your anger.
I've become cold and desperate
Relishing the good and accepting the bad.

My fire used to burn bright
but I've lost the desire to shine.
I've lost my life, my way
and the love of all but you.

I've thought of leaving,
of leaving not just you.
The only thing keeping me
is the person I used to be.

I am sad and I am lonely.
I am happy and I am loved.
They all whorl around me
each emotion striking at will.

I've lost control of myself.
I've let myself go.
I've changed who I am.
I've given up my goals.

But I still hold on.
I still have hope.
Someday I'll speak.
For at last I will find peace.

I love you,
but I see you
better then you see yourself.
Just as you do me.

So why can't you see?
that I'm lost inside?
that I'm dying inside?
or do you see?

I stay because I care.
Can you say the same?
I know we're not perfect,
but why must I take the blame?

My blood pumps no more
and my fire has died?
I'm here because I love you,
but its hard to survive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silly Goats

My folks have some land down south where they have created a little farm. There are goats, donkeys, and lots and lots of squash.

Sophie & her Babies : )
Donkeys Dixie & Chloe

I love all the animals, they are pretty funny to watch and will follow you around if they think you'll give them a treat. So naturally when I saw goats on the news I had to share it with everyone. Goats are super sweet and social animals, but they aren't particularly bright. This is one reason why you have to have really good fences that they can't escape or get stuck in. Fortunately there was a happy ending.
Aren't they so cute! Poor Goats! : )

Monday, August 30, 2010

No on likes you when your 23

So my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'll be another year older, hopefully I'm wiser. I'll be twenty three, in case you didn't gather that from the title. I'm looking forward to it, especially since it gives me a reason to eat cake and ice cream without any pangs of guilt the next day and I have a good reason to take the day off from work so I can go out to dinner with my family.

What can I say I like giving y'all videos to watch. And I too have no idea why they are running naked through the city! I guess when you're twenty three you go crazy. We shall see! : )

For those of you that will/are bugging me about what I would like as a gift. I typically ask for things like money to fix my car or a new ceiling fan, etc. I have been instructed that birthdays are for wants not for needs. Well I want these needs to be taken care of, and with that in mind I have started a list of items I would greatly appreciate here. I'm mostly looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

That chipmunk looked way cuter

Well its been awhile since I had anything to say, mostly I've been busy blocking out the world. Last week was crazy. Lets see I had 2 finals, worked a 14 hour day, and had my wisdom teeth removed. (Yes in that order seeing as how after the surgery I was on so much medication that I could barely stand up straight.) It wasn't until a day after my surgery that I saw my face in the mirror, and this is what I saw....

Here's a picture I found online. The super chubby cheeks look cute on him. So not fair!
Ok, so not really since I looked way less cute and my face isn't cover with fur. But no worries several stories have been told of crazy things I tried to do while medicated. First of all apparently I decided my tongue did not infact belong inside my mouth and proceeded to try and pull it out with my hands. I have since decided that this was due to the fact that it was swollen to three times its normal size and so dry that it felt like someone had stuffed a giant rolled up sock in my mouth. Now who would think that a giant rolled up sock belongs in thier mouth. Surely, not I. I just thank the lord that I had 4 days off of work and didn't have to explain to my coworkers any new and strange behaviors.

So thats what I've been doing lately, studying, working, and trying to cope with rolled up socks in my mouth. By the way my face is still swollen and still hurts pretty darn bad.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its Business Time

As I said before I work two jobs. Job #1 -- I do design drafting at an engineering firm I've been there for 4 years now, Jesus that seems like a long time.  Job #2 -- I'm a pharmacy technician (since last November).

Yes I know that they have nothing to do with each other, perhaps later I'll explain how this happened, but not today.

Yesterday was another crazy day at job #2 and I came home went upstairs and passed out on the bed. A few hours later boyfriend came into my room singing a catchy little song. I didn't get it seeing as how I'd never heard it before, but being that I'm already awake now and I am who I am I started singing along even though I have no idea what the words are, sometimes I was singing with him other times I was just making stuff up. Then he breaks out his computer and proceeds to play the song. It was freaking hilarious! I had no idea what I was singing, but now I'm like "OMG this is so freaking hilarious!!"

I realize that this is probably a really old song, but I lived under a rock for the first 20 years of my life and I've only had 2 years to catch up. That being the case, all the awesome and funny stuff that y'all out in Internet land saw years ago is totally amusing to me.

Seriously though, I can remember being in high school and my parents telling me that the TV would melt my brain if I watched to much and that I better not watch that giant python sci-fi movie my sister and I have been drooling over for weeks. Yea, we thought that Disney and sci-fi channel movies were the best things out there. Well, to this day I do still love sci-fi, but not even 1 in 10 Disney movies is good any more and that makes me sad.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Please mommy! Pretty Please!! I want a robot!!!

Have you ever seen one of those robot vacuums? I totally want THIS ONE!!! I would like the pet version because I live with a three boys. Hopefully some day I'll get something super cool like this. In case you haven't noticed, I love things being clean (well its a necessity really) but don't particularly enjoy doing the deed. Anything that can aid in accomplishing my desire to have a clean space will instantly be my new favorite toy, yes toy. You should have seen me when I got my first vacuum cleaner. I had a old hand-me-down that was broken half the time (so I can now do minor vacuum cleaner repair) and my parents and boyfriend pitched in to get me a really awesome new upright (that I still to this day love) for my birthday. It was insane, boyfriend really wanted to video tape me opening the box but I refused to have digital documentation of my craziness.

So to get back to the point I would love to have something/someone besides my self to help clean up after the boys and these little guys can be set to run automatically : ) Its like a dream come true.

And yes I would probably be so fascinated by it I'd stare at it too.

I do wonder how the Rumba handles dirty socks left on the floor, because I'm still fighting that battle.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be a Dear Won't You Deer?

I've always been a nature lover. Not a tree hugging hippie who drives a smart car (no offense to those that do, but frankly in Texas they're just not practical), but someone who adores being outside with trees and fellow mammals; and, I must say mammals because I could do without the snakes and spiders. Last weekend the boyfriend and I took a trip down south and during one of our adventures, we came across some deer.
Don't They Look Cute?

Now I've seen the movie Bambi many times and I've seen many deer throughout my life so I must impart on you some first hand knowledge. Deer are beautiful and graceful animals from far away. I do enjoy watching them and even today I will "oh" and "ah" when I see them. However, not all deer are nice like Bambi.

When my sister and I were younger we were up in New Mexico for a family vacation and one of the fun things we got to do was feed the deer that came up to the cabin we were staying at. We both had a lot of fun, but we ran out of food. Being out of treats for the deer we turned around and headed back towards the cabin. The deer started following us and we were pleased. I believe the exact phrasing was something akin to "oh goody the deer are following us." They followed us for awhile, but when we didn't turn around and give them more food they attacked! One of them threw a hard kick at my sister's back nearly knocking her over. Mind you my sister is about 6 and I'm about 11 so realizing that these three deer are serious we high tailed it out of there and ran screaming like the little girls we were back to our cabin.

To this day I don't know what happened to those three deer but I do think twice before approaching wild animals.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank God for Semi-Modern Technology

Today is the day. Its the day that I look forward to all week yet loath upon its coming. Today is the day that I do not have to work at either job, and while I still have to attend class tonight I basically have the whole day free. One might wonder then why I would loath such a day. The answer is that today is the day that I must spend doing paper work, attacking the monstrous pile of laundry in my room, scrubbing all the surfaces that have been neglected, and studying as much as possible. It is not a day of rest, merely a day of fruitless catch up.

However, looking at my seemingly endless list of chores and tasks I must give thanks for the washing machine. While the unit that occupies my laundry room is most literally as old as I am, it complies with my every request and for that I am truly grateful. I can place my clothes inside turn it on and walk away to move on to something else on my list. Before the washing machine women would spend all day washing clothes in buckets and streams, some even resorted to beating them with sticks in order to get the dirt out.

I thank God that I was born in the modern age where I have a reliable pieces of technology that will see to the cleaning of my things.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Unwind by Neal Shusterman is an awesome book. My sister gave it to me as a gift and I must say, she picked out a good one. It takes place after a second Civil War which was fought over reproductive rights. To end the war the Pro-life and the Pro-choice side came to an agreement which will definitely make your head spin. Abortions are outlawed, but between the years of 13 and 18 parents can choose the have their children "unwound." This book follows the stories of three kids who are sentenced to be unwound and their desire to survive. I don't want to say much more so that I don't spoil it for anyone who reads it.

I read this book in about a 4 days. I just couldn't put it down, every spare minute I had this book was in front of me. You can probably find it in the young adult section of your bookstore or just click the link on the bottom which will take you to (I feel I must disclose that if you purchase it from the link I provided I will receive a commission from HAPPY READING!


So I have always wondered what could possibly possess people to publish information about their lives on the Internet. It seems like one would want to keep their personal lives to themselves instead of airing them on the Internet for the entire world to see.

Could it possibly be that by sharing their lives with people all over the world people are able to connect with others from anywhere? Is this the allure of the Internet?

I have always been a quiet person that has mostly kept to myself, however, I have decided that perhaps it would be a good thing to share pieces of the life I lead. I work two jobs, attend a University, and rent out two of the three bedrooms in my house. All of these responsibilities are major parts of who I am because they fill my life. Additionally, I LOVE to read. In order to maintain my sanity in the midst of all the chaos of my life, I must set aside time to read each night, or as often as possible, lest I get lost in work, studying, or chores.

So, jumping into the twenty first century, here I embark on a mission to participate in and understand the blogging craze.