Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Resident Evil User Interface Strikes Again

School is out so my sister and I have a lot more free time. What do we want to do the weekend after finals? Apparently the answer is play video games.

When she came over we looked through my collection and pulled out one that hadn’t been touched in a while. I remembered Resident Evil 5 fondly so we popped it in the Xbox to discover the fun that laid in wait.

Our discovery however was more frustrating then fun because the control interface made it very difficult to convince the players to do what we needed them to do for our survival. After about 30 frustrating minutes during which we saw ourselves being hacked to pieces multiple times, we decided to lower the difficulty setting to normal thinking that we just need to remember how to use the controls.

“Ok,” we tell ourselves “now its time to kill us some bad guys.” Nope. The big ax guy from chapter one strikes again. Now the frustration is building and we just can’t seem to convince our characters to do what we want them to. We get hacked into tiny pieces again and the game mocks us by flashing “you are dead” written in blood on the screen as if watching someone hack us into tiny pieces wasn’t a good clue.

I’m sitting here thinking to my self that I know I made it through this whole game like a year ago. What is the deal?

Well after about two hours of failure we’d had enough and my sister through in the controller wanting to play a different game which I happily obliged knowing that I was saving my controller from certain death as one of us was sure to chunk one across the room if we had to watch our demise one more time.

We then went on a search for a new adventure that didn’t have a backwards user interface and all was well with the world once again.

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