Friday, October 29, 2010

More Evidence that Stupid People walk the Earth

As many of you know when you work a retail job you see some crazy things. Yesterday I do believe we had a true demonstration of stupidity.

A man comes in and is looking around. He asks where the bathroom is and we tell him. Nothing interesting there, you never know where you'll be when nature calls. He wanders around the store "browsing." Before he walks out the door he looks at the TV display where we are selling these really cute portable Televisions and looks to the cashier and says I'll be back for the TV and walks out the door.

He just successfully stole over $90 worth of merchandise. But that's not the crazy part.

About 15 minutes later the manager gets a call from a customer saying that she thought that the guy was stealing stuff from the store so he reviews the tapes and sure enough there was video footage of this guy cramming stuff in his pockets.

Here's the good part....

Less then a hour later the guy comes back, just like he said he would, and his first order of business is to try to return all the items he just stole for store credit.


He just went out to his car and took off all the magnetic strips and came back inside. If he hadn't come back we'd probably never have caught him. If you want a mini-TV that bad then get a job or just steal the stupid TV.

The story ends with the guy in the back of a police car. Justice has been served.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My xbox made me do it!

My favorite type of video games are the shooter games. They are just so much fun. My enjoyment doesn't come from pent up rage or aggression, I find them fun because they are challenging and entertaining. I find it humorous that people are trying to blame school shootings on the video game industry. If you don't want your kid to play violent video games, then you should refer to the rating system posted to every video game sold in America.

It's pretty easy to just look at the rating on the case or go online and do a little research on the games your kid is asking for. They have tried to make it easy. But it all comes back to personal responsibility. Everyone wants a reason to explain away their behavior instead of taking it upon themselves to exhibit some self control and ownership of their mistakes.

I can remember the first video game I ever had. It was Mario on the original Nintendo. Well it was actually my Dad's game, but while he was at work during the summers it was the fun thing to do. My sister and I play that game and the duck shooting game for hours until we were sent outside. Aww, those were the days........

Friday, October 15, 2010

I've only got three things to say to you today!!

1) I am super excited about our trip down south for the weekend!

OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system.

2) One of the things I enjoy is looking at and (when I have money) buying funny/cool t-shirts. So I figured that as I peruse the Internet in search of awesome shirts I'd post some of them here so that you don't have to go hunting for hours clicking through trying to find something that is in the least bit worth while. In that spirit I will post a picture and link to an awesome shirt for you're enjoyment.

My current favorite on the list is the one I found on Amazon of R2D2 running away from a giant Star Wars Camel

3) Again I was perusing the Internet when I found this blog post and felt the need to share. It's basically some pictures of some FAIL cakes in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Now I realize that breast cancer is serious, but you just can't help but want to V8 slap whoever made these.

Here's the link:

You should go look, its pretty funny! : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its been awhile

Where have I been? Well life has been positively crazy! I don’t think I even live at my house any more, I just sleep there. I miss my XBOX and my Netflix!!! I’ve been going non-stop for the past three weeks, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend I have TWO whole days in a row off. I am beyond excited because I don’t remember the last time I had two days off in a row. There is going to be some serious fun times this weekend. (And of course the occasionally break from good times to study, believe me I have not forgot about school).

I plan on heading down to Canyon Lake this weekend. I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get there, but I am getting out of the metroplex and trading in my current set of crazy people for a whole new set for the weekend. (Lord knows we’re all crazy and you can’t escape that).

For those of you wondering what a metroplex is:

A metroplex is a large metropolitan area containing several cities and their suburbs. It is also sometimes used as an alternative to metropolis or megalopolis, which is a chain of continuous metropolitan areas. The term was coined for, and is still commonly used to describe, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – Wikipedia

Basically what that means is that somewhere along the way some crazy person from Dallas/Fort Worth made up that word and it stuck and is now an acceptable word. So as you can see because we just make up new words from old ones so that we can be “unique” there inherently are crazy people all around me (and I might possibly be one).

But to get back to the point, I’m sorry for my absence for which I can give you any number of excuses as justification such as: I’ve been to busy with work and school or that I’m sick. All of these are true, but honestly the real reason is that I just haven’t made time till now to sit down and actually write anything.

But I shall leave you with one of my currently favorite songs and music videos. Enjoy!