Friday, October 29, 2010

More Evidence that Stupid People walk the Earth

As many of you know when you work a retail job you see some crazy things. Yesterday I do believe we had a true demonstration of stupidity.

A man comes in and is looking around. He asks where the bathroom is and we tell him. Nothing interesting there, you never know where you'll be when nature calls. He wanders around the store "browsing." Before he walks out the door he looks at the TV display where we are selling these really cute portable Televisions and looks to the cashier and says I'll be back for the TV and walks out the door.

He just successfully stole over $90 worth of merchandise. But that's not the crazy part.

About 15 minutes later the manager gets a call from a customer saying that she thought that the guy was stealing stuff from the store so he reviews the tapes and sure enough there was video footage of this guy cramming stuff in his pockets.

Here's the good part....

Less then a hour later the guy comes back, just like he said he would, and his first order of business is to try to return all the items he just stole for store credit.


He just went out to his car and took off all the magnetic strips and came back inside. If he hadn't come back we'd probably never have caught him. If you want a mini-TV that bad then get a job or just steal the stupid TV.

The story ends with the guy in the back of a police car. Justice has been served.

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