Friday, October 22, 2010

My xbox made me do it!

My favorite type of video games are the shooter games. They are just so much fun. My enjoyment doesn't come from pent up rage or aggression, I find them fun because they are challenging and entertaining. I find it humorous that people are trying to blame school shootings on the video game industry. If you don't want your kid to play violent video games, then you should refer to the rating system posted to every video game sold in America.

It's pretty easy to just look at the rating on the case or go online and do a little research on the games your kid is asking for. They have tried to make it easy. But it all comes back to personal responsibility. Everyone wants a reason to explain away their behavior instead of taking it upon themselves to exhibit some self control and ownership of their mistakes.

I can remember the first video game I ever had. It was Mario on the original Nintendo. Well it was actually my Dad's game, but while he was at work during the summers it was the fun thing to do. My sister and I play that game and the duck shooting game for hours until we were sent outside. Aww, those were the days........


  1. Yeah! And our next game was Sonic. I used to have nightmares I was trapped on a level where I couldnt escape from cause we played that so much.