Friday, July 30, 2010

Please mommy! Pretty Please!! I want a robot!!!

Have you ever seen one of those robot vacuums? I totally want THIS ONE!!! I would like the pet version because I live with a three boys. Hopefully some day I'll get something super cool like this. In case you haven't noticed, I love things being clean (well its a necessity really) but don't particularly enjoy doing the deed. Anything that can aid in accomplishing my desire to have a clean space will instantly be my new favorite toy, yes toy. You should have seen me when I got my first vacuum cleaner. I had a old hand-me-down that was broken half the time (so I can now do minor vacuum cleaner repair) and my parents and boyfriend pitched in to get me a really awesome new upright (that I still to this day love) for my birthday. It was insane, boyfriend really wanted to video tape me opening the box but I refused to have digital documentation of my craziness.

So to get back to the point I would love to have something/someone besides my self to help clean up after the boys and these little guys can be set to run automatically : ) Its like a dream come true.

And yes I would probably be so fascinated by it I'd stare at it too.

I do wonder how the Rumba handles dirty socks left on the floor, because I'm still fighting that battle.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be a Dear Won't You Deer?

I've always been a nature lover. Not a tree hugging hippie who drives a smart car (no offense to those that do, but frankly in Texas they're just not practical), but someone who adores being outside with trees and fellow mammals; and, I must say mammals because I could do without the snakes and spiders. Last weekend the boyfriend and I took a trip down south and during one of our adventures, we came across some deer.
Don't They Look Cute?

Now I've seen the movie Bambi many times and I've seen many deer throughout my life so I must impart on you some first hand knowledge. Deer are beautiful and graceful animals from far away. I do enjoy watching them and even today I will "oh" and "ah" when I see them. However, not all deer are nice like Bambi.

When my sister and I were younger we were up in New Mexico for a family vacation and one of the fun things we got to do was feed the deer that came up to the cabin we were staying at. We both had a lot of fun, but we ran out of food. Being out of treats for the deer we turned around and headed back towards the cabin. The deer started following us and we were pleased. I believe the exact phrasing was something akin to "oh goody the deer are following us." They followed us for awhile, but when we didn't turn around and give them more food they attacked! One of them threw a hard kick at my sister's back nearly knocking her over. Mind you my sister is about 6 and I'm about 11 so realizing that these three deer are serious we high tailed it out of there and ran screaming like the little girls we were back to our cabin.

To this day I don't know what happened to those three deer but I do think twice before approaching wild animals.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank God for Semi-Modern Technology

Today is the day. Its the day that I look forward to all week yet loath upon its coming. Today is the day that I do not have to work at either job, and while I still have to attend class tonight I basically have the whole day free. One might wonder then why I would loath such a day. The answer is that today is the day that I must spend doing paper work, attacking the monstrous pile of laundry in my room, scrubbing all the surfaces that have been neglected, and studying as much as possible. It is not a day of rest, merely a day of fruitless catch up.

However, looking at my seemingly endless list of chores and tasks I must give thanks for the washing machine. While the unit that occupies my laundry room is most literally as old as I am, it complies with my every request and for that I am truly grateful. I can place my clothes inside turn it on and walk away to move on to something else on my list. Before the washing machine women would spend all day washing clothes in buckets and streams, some even resorted to beating them with sticks in order to get the dirt out.

I thank God that I was born in the modern age where I have a reliable pieces of technology that will see to the cleaning of my things.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Unwind by Neal Shusterman is an awesome book. My sister gave it to me as a gift and I must say, she picked out a good one. It takes place after a second Civil War which was fought over reproductive rights. To end the war the Pro-life and the Pro-choice side came to an agreement which will definitely make your head spin. Abortions are outlawed, but between the years of 13 and 18 parents can choose the have their children "unwound." This book follows the stories of three kids who are sentenced to be unwound and their desire to survive. I don't want to say much more so that I don't spoil it for anyone who reads it.

I read this book in about a 4 days. I just couldn't put it down, every spare minute I had this book was in front of me. You can probably find it in the young adult section of your bookstore or just click the link on the bottom which will take you to (I feel I must disclose that if you purchase it from the link I provided I will receive a commission from HAPPY READING!


So I have always wondered what could possibly possess people to publish information about their lives on the Internet. It seems like one would want to keep their personal lives to themselves instead of airing them on the Internet for the entire world to see.

Could it possibly be that by sharing their lives with people all over the world people are able to connect with others from anywhere? Is this the allure of the Internet?

I have always been a quiet person that has mostly kept to myself, however, I have decided that perhaps it would be a good thing to share pieces of the life I lead. I work two jobs, attend a University, and rent out two of the three bedrooms in my house. All of these responsibilities are major parts of who I am because they fill my life. Additionally, I LOVE to read. In order to maintain my sanity in the midst of all the chaos of my life, I must set aside time to read each night, or as often as possible, lest I get lost in work, studying, or chores.

So, jumping into the twenty first century, here I embark on a mission to participate in and understand the blogging craze.