Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank God for Semi-Modern Technology

Today is the day. Its the day that I look forward to all week yet loath upon its coming. Today is the day that I do not have to work at either job, and while I still have to attend class tonight I basically have the whole day free. One might wonder then why I would loath such a day. The answer is that today is the day that I must spend doing paper work, attacking the monstrous pile of laundry in my room, scrubbing all the surfaces that have been neglected, and studying as much as possible. It is not a day of rest, merely a day of fruitless catch up.

However, looking at my seemingly endless list of chores and tasks I must give thanks for the washing machine. While the unit that occupies my laundry room is most literally as old as I am, it complies with my every request and for that I am truly grateful. I can place my clothes inside turn it on and walk away to move on to something else on my list. Before the washing machine women would spend all day washing clothes in buckets and streams, some even resorted to beating them with sticks in order to get the dirt out.

I thank God that I was born in the modern age where I have a reliable pieces of technology that will see to the cleaning of my things.

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  1. Good luck getting your chores done. I hate doing laundry. Of all the "adult" responsibilities I have I wish laundry wasn't one of them.