Friday, July 30, 2010

Please mommy! Pretty Please!! I want a robot!!!

Have you ever seen one of those robot vacuums? I totally want THIS ONE!!! I would like the pet version because I live with a three boys. Hopefully some day I'll get something super cool like this. In case you haven't noticed, I love things being clean (well its a necessity really) but don't particularly enjoy doing the deed. Anything that can aid in accomplishing my desire to have a clean space will instantly be my new favorite toy, yes toy. You should have seen me when I got my first vacuum cleaner. I had a old hand-me-down that was broken half the time (so I can now do minor vacuum cleaner repair) and my parents and boyfriend pitched in to get me a really awesome new upright (that I still to this day love) for my birthday. It was insane, boyfriend really wanted to video tape me opening the box but I refused to have digital documentation of my craziness.

So to get back to the point I would love to have something/someone besides my self to help clean up after the boys and these little guys can be set to run automatically : ) Its like a dream come true.

And yes I would probably be so fascinated by it I'd stare at it too.

I do wonder how the Rumba handles dirty socks left on the floor, because I'm still fighting that battle.

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