Monday, August 2, 2010

Its Business Time

As I said before I work two jobs. Job #1 -- I do design drafting at an engineering firm I've been there for 4 years now, Jesus that seems like a long time.  Job #2 -- I'm a pharmacy technician (since last November).

Yes I know that they have nothing to do with each other, perhaps later I'll explain how this happened, but not today.

Yesterday was another crazy day at job #2 and I came home went upstairs and passed out on the bed. A few hours later boyfriend came into my room singing a catchy little song. I didn't get it seeing as how I'd never heard it before, but being that I'm already awake now and I am who I am I started singing along even though I have no idea what the words are, sometimes I was singing with him other times I was just making stuff up. Then he breaks out his computer and proceeds to play the song. It was freaking hilarious! I had no idea what I was singing, but now I'm like "OMG this is so freaking hilarious!!"

I realize that this is probably a really old song, but I lived under a rock for the first 20 years of my life and I've only had 2 years to catch up. That being the case, all the awesome and funny stuff that y'all out in Internet land saw years ago is totally amusing to me.

Seriously though, I can remember being in high school and my parents telling me that the TV would melt my brain if I watched to much and that I better not watch that giant python sci-fi movie my sister and I have been drooling over for weeks. Yea, we thought that Disney and sci-fi channel movies were the best things out there. Well, to this day I do still love sci-fi, but not even 1 in 10 Disney movies is good any more and that makes me sad.

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