Monday, August 30, 2010

No on likes you when your 23

So my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'll be another year older, hopefully I'm wiser. I'll be twenty three, in case you didn't gather that from the title. I'm looking forward to it, especially since it gives me a reason to eat cake and ice cream without any pangs of guilt the next day and I have a good reason to take the day off from work so I can go out to dinner with my family.

What can I say I like giving y'all videos to watch. And I too have no idea why they are running naked through the city! I guess when you're twenty three you go crazy. We shall see! : )

For those of you that will/are bugging me about what I would like as a gift. I typically ask for things like money to fix my car or a new ceiling fan, etc. I have been instructed that birthdays are for wants not for needs. Well I want these needs to be taken care of, and with that in mind I have started a list of items I would greatly appreciate here. I'm mostly looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone.

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