Monday, August 23, 2010

That chipmunk looked way cuter

Well its been awhile since I had anything to say, mostly I've been busy blocking out the world. Last week was crazy. Lets see I had 2 finals, worked a 14 hour day, and had my wisdom teeth removed. (Yes in that order seeing as how after the surgery I was on so much medication that I could barely stand up straight.) It wasn't until a day after my surgery that I saw my face in the mirror, and this is what I saw....

Here's a picture I found online. The super chubby cheeks look cute on him. So not fair!
Ok, so not really since I looked way less cute and my face isn't cover with fur. But no worries several stories have been told of crazy things I tried to do while medicated. First of all apparently I decided my tongue did not infact belong inside my mouth and proceeded to try and pull it out with my hands. I have since decided that this was due to the fact that it was swollen to three times its normal size and so dry that it felt like someone had stuffed a giant rolled up sock in my mouth. Now who would think that a giant rolled up sock belongs in thier mouth. Surely, not I. I just thank the lord that I had 4 days off of work and didn't have to explain to my coworkers any new and strange behaviors.

So thats what I've been doing lately, studying, working, and trying to cope with rolled up socks in my mouth. By the way my face is still swollen and still hurts pretty darn bad.


  1. Don't forget to mention your wonderful and generous sister who spent two days looking after you while you were 1. crazy on medication and 2. In pain and too lazy to get up to get anything yourself :)
    Oh and you forgot to mention that although you may not have looked quite as cute as the fuzz ball you acted absolutely adorable! Remember? Offering mom to borrow your drivers license or pointing out that moms seatbelt was moving... wich was mostly cute because it was utterly random and out of context for our conversation :)

  2. Ah, Yes. Many thanks for looking out for me. It was nice of you guys and fun. Although I've definately had enough TV for a while. : )

  3. Ha! Yeah :) We must have watched at least twenty episodes of stargate atlantis