Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To a Lost Friend

I remember the days
When we were younger
Life was good
And we had so much fun.

But as the days passed by
We met new people.
That had new ideas
And new faces.

We saw each other
Every once in a while
Life pulled us different ways
yet still we smiled.

But then I realized
That you were gone
You went through the motions
But no spirit was there.

Ashamed of your deeds
You hid from your friends
The ones who loved you
Even with sin on your hands

We could not condone
How you’d chosen to live
But that doesn’t mean
That we couldn’t forgive

Some claimed rebellion
Some blamed a boy
But I knew deep down
You were lost in your self

I hope someday that
You can see
The value in you
That was never lost on me

As the days go by
I think of you often
And hope life treats you well
In spite of yourself

I’ve always known
You have such potential
That you can succeed
If you truly desire

You’ll be a good mom
But don’t stress so much
Keep your head on straight
Don’t do drugs and such

We all wish you well
And we hope you’re alright
My two cents of advice
Is never tell yourself a lie

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