Monday, December 20, 2010

Fighting Hunger

It's the Christmas season and I'm sure that you've seen places collecting toys and canned goods for families in need. Even the place that I was getting my oil changed at was collecting toys. I'm sure that its not news to anyone that times have been hard lately, it's been all over the news.

My Aunt is a teacher in a school were poverty is so pervasive that EVERY student gets free breakfast and lunch. The school pays for every student to have a toothbrush and the teachers make sure that the students brush their teeth after both meals that they eat at school.

Walmart is donating money to the communities that get the most support to use for food for families that cannot afford it. Visit their site to vote for your community or one that you know is in need.

While I'm sure that this is a great tax write off for Walmart, hopefully it will help some kids that may only get to eat the food that they get from school.

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