Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why don't you see?

My heart has stopped.
It will beat no more.
The blood that once flowed
now sits cold.

I've changed since I've met you.
I've lived since I've met you.
If living must kill me
then I'm not sure whats the point.

Your compassionate touch brings me ecstasy.
Your scolding glare rips me apart.
I've hurt you too,
but I just can't stop.

I am lost in your love,
but I drown in your anger.
I've become cold and desperate
Relishing the good and accepting the bad.

My fire used to burn bright
but I've lost the desire to shine.
I've lost my life, my way
and the love of all but you.

I've thought of leaving,
of leaving not just you.
The only thing keeping me
is the person I used to be.

I am sad and I am lonely.
I am happy and I am loved.
They all whorl around me
each emotion striking at will.

I've lost control of myself.
I've let myself go.
I've changed who I am.
I've given up my goals.

But I still hold on.
I still have hope.
Someday I'll speak.
For at last I will find peace.

I love you,
but I see you
better then you see yourself.
Just as you do me.

So why can't you see?
that I'm lost inside?
that I'm dying inside?
or do you see?

I stay because I care.
Can you say the same?
I know we're not perfect,
but why must I take the blame?

My blood pumps no more
and my fire has died?
I'm here because I love you,
but its hard to survive.

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