Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its raining it pouring..... DAMIT!!

So this was me today.....

I got dropped off at work today after panicking that I was going to be late only to discover that I in fact did not have to work today. Normally I would be glad, but not today. My dependence on technology is probably the most to blame for what happened.

So I walk in to work and go to clock in, but the time clock says that I'm not scheduled. Now I was pretty sure that I worked today, so I go to investigate. Long story short, the schedule was changed and I see my time whited out for today (I get to work Saturday instead, woo hoo). As I look at this piece of paper that determines when I belong here, I start to get excited. Hooray I have an afternoon off! I grab my phone to call my ride to come back. but no matter how many buttons I push it does nothing. Its just a big black screen. I walk outside and my heart sinks. Its raining! And not just raining, its raining those big Texas sized raindrops. So because I always have my phone with me and i almost always have it charged I never worry about memorizing phone numbers, there is no need. Well, unless I spent about an hour playing games on my phone between classes and ran the already low battery down.

So I'm stuck, I have no way to call someone to come get me because the only numbers I have memorized are my own and my parents but I think they're at work so no help there. So I wrap my phone and wallet up and start walking ... In the rain.

I made it to my folks house (which is closer then my house), but by the time I got there I was soaking wet. Fortunately of all the people that drove by me only a tow truck driver thought it would be fun to splash me, so I only got covered with street gunk once, well twice if you count the car he was towing.

Now I sit here on the computer, mostly dry, and having told whoever reads this about my awful experience I feel just that much better.

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