Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Yoga Project

A few years ago I took a yoga class at UT Arlington and I absolutely loved to practice. Since then I have discovered that my cable provider has free ExerciseTV yoga videos that you can download so I've been doing those every once in a while, when I had the house to myself (which is next to never). I like practicing in a group setting where we are all flexing and bending towards our own inner peace. However, I don't like having me inner peace intruded upon by staring roommates that can't seem to make themselves scarce for an hour and insist on sitting on the couch to watch me stretch and contort myself while I try to balance on one foot as if their piercing eyes and the confounded looks on their faces aren't invading my practice. I've asked several times for them to join me but they refuse, so then I ask them to go somewhere else and stop staring. But the next time it's the same story over again so I eventually stopped practicing at home which meant I had stopped altogether.

Until I heard about The Yoga Project, a studio in Arlington that practices Baptiste Power Yoga done in a room heated to 95 degrees. It sounds pretty intimidating when you read the description, but they offer a $3 Basics Class on Saturdays that sounded like a good way to check it out. I invited a couple of friends to check it out with me that were also excited about trying a yoga class. If it was terrible and we hated it then we only lost an hour and $3 so we set out not really knowing what to expect.

When we got there we filled out the waivers, paid the $3, and went inside to lay out our mats. When we got inside we noticed that people had their mats laid out but on top of their mats they had long towels that covered the mat and a hand towel and water bottle sitting next to their props. When we asked what was up with the mat towel the lady in front of us told us how much we would be sweating and that they mats can get slippery. So we followed their lead and laid out towels as well.

During the class we did sweat! But it was absolutely incredible I left the class feeling detoxified and like I had a great work out. I've been back twice so far and I really kick myself that I didn't sign up for the $39 unlimited classes for a month offer that you can only get your first time. But since I'm still a student its only $10 a class for the regular classes and I have my eye on a class tonight that I would like to attend.

Practicing Yoga really does wonders for my health, happiness, and sanity. I am so glad that I have once again found a way to practice and I highly recommend stepping onto the mat to anyone.


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  1. I am so glad that you took me with you! I absolutely love it! We should do it again soon!